Jessica Dominguez

Jessica Dominguez

Immigration Lawyer and Radio/TV Commentator

“Angel of Justice”
“Keeping Families Together ™”

Jessica Dominguez began her professional career with the purpose in which her and her team work daily to “Keep Families Together ™.” Her purpose is what encourages her to achieve her professional missions. Missions that are motivated by the obstacles she faced after immigrating to the United States at the age of 14. Her story has been featured by media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, More Magazine, La Opinión, People en Español, Huffington Post, Terra, and Univision.

Jessica presents a weekly television segment "Angel of Justice" on Univision's morning show, ¡Despierta América! She also provides legal commentary for Univision’s news segment, Primer Impacto.

Jessica Dominguez is the author of the book Victorious Women, published by Penguin Random House, Origin label. In her book she challenges women to live a victorious life by accomplishing their goals and dreams while at the same time having a strong and fulfilling relationship with their families. She was named one of the 25 most powerful women in the United States by People en Español in 2017.

A way in which she has been able to inform the community about the latest news and changes in the law has been through her work on her social media platforms. A core component of her mission involves creating online educational resources, which has resulted in connecting with millions of people on a weekly basis on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 

The name “Angel of Justice” was given to her by Agustin Duran, a journalist at La Opinion newspaper, in a story that highlighted her efforts to aid in a high profile case. Her community later adopted this term of endearment for her continuous efforts to keep families together.

Jessica has supported for years the struggle for an immigration reform that protects the sanctity of family unity. Her eldest son JP, and her have visited the White House, and the Capitol on various occasions to advocate for immigrant families.

For many years Jessica has advocated for an immigration reform, one that will be just and that will protect the sanctity of families.

When Jessica Dominguez isn’t defending the rights of immigrant families, she enjoys time with her family; she loves to spend time with her husband, Javier, and her two sons, JP and Josh.  It is the support of her family and her unbreakable faith that give her the necessary fuel to keep families together.